Release update 01/08/2022

Release notes and updates for 01/08/2022

Introducing DevOps pipeline for Snowflake:

SDLC Pipeline Enhancements: 

  • Added additional support for Sonarqube Developer edition in Opsera pipelines

  • Enhancements to AKS deployments for existing Azure clusters (allow users to add resource groups to the pipeline)

  • Anchore support for Nexus : Users can now scan the Nexus artifacts using Anchore in pipelines.

  • Enhancements to Job failed scenarios when Jenkins job was not found. (Opsera will create the job on the fly when the step does not include a valid or job not present) 

  • Octopus : 

  • Should be able to pass variables to Octopus Projects from Tool Registry parameters & 

    Variable scope set based on lifecycle environments  (Documentation updated, Refer below)

Unified Insights:

  • UI uplift on selected KPIs and Dashboard, along with some UX enhancements, configuring Goals. Also, Organization Tags allow users to roll up individual tags to specific organizations.

  • Documentation: (Note: Please save the below links for Opsera platform guidance)


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